Atlas – India Pale Ale

Atlas India Pale Ale is an ale with strength and character worthy of its name. Pale and caramel maltings of American two-row barley give Atlas IPA a malty backbone to support its noticeable, but not overpowering, hoppy flavor and aroma. Columbus, Amarillo, and Cascade hops are harmoniously blended together, bringing about floral and earthy tones which highlight this bold but delicious ale. Suggested pairings with Atlas IPA include: Mexican, Indian, and Cajun dishes, oily fish such as grilled salmon, spicy crab cakes, and bold, handcrafted, washed-rind cheeses. ABV – 6.5%

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  • Josh Whitley

    I’m not a beer connoisseur. I can’t name you a long list of imports or throw out hefty descriptions involving big words I wouldn’t use in daily conversation. I can’t explain the brewing process from end to end. I’m just a dude who likes a good strong Ale. Over the years I’ve sampled a variety of Ales and Lagers from Europe and the U.S. I’ve always had my go-to brews, and rarely step out of my comfort zone when walking into the liquor store.

    Recently I’ve heard from two friends that I needed to try this Atlas Ale. They both said it was a brew made for my tastes. Last night I finally picked some up, chewed through 3 bottles and savored each drop. I can say my friends were completely right. It might sound a little hyperbolic, but I now have a new favorite Ale. This will be my go-to brew from now on.

    Marshall, I salute you and yours. Please keep up the strong work.

    P.S. I’d sure love to know where I could buy a shirt or a hoodie. Do you guys have any swag available for purchase?

    October 11, 2011

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