POSTPONED:2017 Kendall Whittier Beautification – Sequoyah Elementary Service Project


With regret, we must postpone our planned service project at Sequoyah Elementary. Due to torrential rain the area is too saturated for any meaningful work to take place. We will re-schedule.


Sequoyah Elementary School, located at 724 N. Birmingham Avenue, Tulsa, OK, was founded in 1927 to serve the Kendall Whittier neighborhood. The early day elementary school was located at 3441 E. Archer St., and through the diligence of Dianna Potts, School Operations Manager, obtained a grant to build a teaching garden. Shortly after the garden was installed, through consolidation, Sequoyah was re-located to its current location, the former home of Cleveland Middle School.

While consolidation was good for the district, it was disappointing to lose the teaching garden. Undeterred, Potts, moved a every bit of the garden she could salvage to a courtyard area at the new location. She rebuilt the garden by herself installing crushed granite at the base of each raised bed to insure proper drainage. However, manpower, money and time have all been constraints to the project getting fully back on track.

The Project

Monarch Butterfly Garden and Waystation

Immediately before entering the fenced teaching garden, an area exists that Diana Potts envisions as being planted with Milkweed and thriving with the beautiful Monarch butterfly. Potts has approval once the area is planted for the location to be an official Monarch Waystation.

The area currently needs weeding, general cleanup and to have its soil turned before students can plant already on-hand Milkweed seeds.

Teaching Garden

“When asked where tomatoes come from, most kids indicate the grocery store,” explained Potts.

Thanks to Potts efforts to save the Teaching Garden from the previous location, ten raised beds are in place. A potting bench, deck, and outdoor tables also occupy the space that she sees in the future being used for outdoor teaching. The entire area is in need of a good cleanup. The beds need to be weeded and turned in preparation for student plantings.



As part of our inaugural Earth Day Celebration, we seek your help in undertaking the Sequoyah Teaching Garden Project. The current struggles of our state’s public education system have been well documented. It’s time for us as caring Oklahomans to take action at the community level. Any and all augmentation to our system shows teachers and students that we care about them, and want to support the mission of improving and enriching the lives of children.

Marshall Brewing will soon turn nine years old, and while many have asked over the years why we chose to operate our brewery and build our brand in a state slow to embrace modernization of alcohol laws, our response has always been “THIS IS HOME.” Our success, has been built on the care of Oklahomans who have championed our cause, become brand ambassadors, and supported with unyielding loyalty. In short, this community cares!

Please Help – Many Hands Make Light Work

We ask that you help us in our mission to give back to our community through volunteering for the Sequoyah Teaching Garden Service Project. We are seeking any able bodied folks capable of donating a few hours of their time to get the Monarch Garden & Waystation project moving forward, and prepping the Teaching Garden for students to plant.
Please send an email to to volunteer.

Date: Earth Day! April 22, 2017

Time: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Location: Sequoyah Elementary, 724 N. Birmingham Ave., Tulsa, OK

Things to Bring:

Drinking Water
Leaf Rakes
Trash Bags

We will meet at Sequoyah at 9:00 AM, but will take whatever time you have to donate. Our celebration of Earth Day at the brewery begins at noon. Thank you for your interest in helping make our community a bit brighter. Cheers!

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