Making Mr. Fig


***Spoiler Alert

This concept started over a beer with Chef Trey Winkle and is part of an ongoing culinary beer conversation. That is all I can disclose at present
What is a fig anyway?

Figs are the fruit (technically not a fruit) born by an ancient flowering tree in the same family as the Mulberry tree. Humans have been consuming figs for as long as beer has been fermented, approximately 10,000 years. Figs are described as offering a rich sweet flavor similar to dark tropical fruit. Some historians say the discovery of figs pre-date the planting of barley, but both contributed to humans changing their nomadic hunting and gathering ways and settling down to found agrian based villages. Yes, beer and figs saved the world and as such, deserve to dance together to the delight of drinkers.


I acquired 2 1/2 lbs of Turkish dried figs through a local grocery purveyor. The figs were then stemmed and quartered before being rehydrated in water. The freshly hydrate his were then processed at 175 degrees F for 15 minutes. The resulting processed figs we then pureed before being added directly to a “pin” of cask-conditioned American Amber Ale. 24 hours of contact for fig and beer yield a mild jammy sweetness and a dry finish. Here’s to hoping you enjoy figs in your beer!


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