20 Questions with Wes Alexander!

We’re adding a new segment to our newsletter, to help you get to know the people responsible for getting fresh Marshall beer to you! Next up to play 20 Questions is “The Godfather” himself, Director of Sales & Marketing Wes Alexander!
1.    Where were you born? St John’s Hospital, Tulsa, OK, USA
2.    First craft beer? Sam Adams Boston Lager. Shared with my first real boss, David Knapp.
3.    Favorite MBC beer? Big Jamoke Porter. I have been known to add a schoop of Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce!
4.    Whisky or Wine? Fine whiskey to include Single Malt Scotch.
5.    Favorite leisure time activity? Woodworking. Cycling is a close second, but I love being able to sneak into the shop and tinker in silence molding and shaping wood with antique handtools.
6.     You are first to the brewery and can choose the music for the day. What’s playing? I’m never first to the brewery. My gag is to change Spotify to Shania Twain when everyone is working on the bottling line and leave. “Let’s go girls!”
7.    Top 5 albums?        1.Black Crowes Southern Harmony & Musical Companion 2. Eric Clapton 24 Nights 3. Pearl Jam Ten 4. Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Will the Circle Be Unbroken 5. Crosby, Stills & Nash self-titled debut album.
8.    Last purchase on iTunes?        Gillian Welch “Look at Miss Ohio”
9.    Where have you been overseas?         UK, Argentina, Mexico, Jamaica, China, Grand Cayman, Canada, Texas.
10. What’s at the top of your bucket list?            Visit Ireland, drink a few beers in a pub with other redheads
11. What’s the best advice you have ever been given?          When considering multiple business ventures, “Concentrate on doing what you do well.”
12. How often do you shave…your face?        Occasionally
13. Dogs or cats? (Keep in mind any dog under 50 lbs is a cat)         Dogs, specifically Labrador Retrievers, swimming at the lake.
14. If you could ask your pet 3 questions, what would they be?          1. Do you think you could learn to use the toilet? 2. Would it be possible to excuse yourself from the room prior to flatulation? 3. Can you really see what is happening on the TV? 4. You know this is not the last time I will ever feed you, right? 5. Can you take the kids to school, please?
15. Favorite breakfast item?          Biscuits & Gravy
16. What do you like on pizza?         I have some rules about pizza. Savory only toppings. Three topping max excluding cheese. Pepperoni, mushroom, onion.
17. Do you call or text your mom? Girlfriend?          Momma’s boy. Call frequently.
18. Favorite Movie Quote?          “Nonsense, I have not yet begun to defile myself.” Doc Holiday
19. What celebrity/celebrities have you been told you look like?         People try to look like me.
20. What is your beauty secret?         Salsa. Eat lots of salsa. It makes your soul shine and your outsides glow.

Marshall releases Pastures of Plenty

Marshall Brewing, Tulsa’s orignal packaging craft brewer,  is set to release Pastures of Plenty at it’s Taproom located at 618 S. Wheeling Ave., Tulsa, OK at noon, Friday, May 4, 2018. The event is open to the public. Must be 21 to attend.

In Woody Guthrie’s song titled “Pastures of Plenty,” he details migrant workers from a Dust Bowl ravaged Oklahoma traveling to Oregon to pick hops and grapes at harvest time. This serves as the inspiration for our latest release from our barrel aging program. This Machine IPA, featuring the fruit forward tones of the Nelson Sauvin hop grown in wine country, serves as the base for Pastures of Plenty. A full year in Chardonnay barrels layers complimentary fruit flavors, light oak and acidity yielding a complexity as deep as Woody’s lyrics.

Tasting Notes:

A deep amber appearance and aromas of wine grape, lemon, vanilla, and sweet oak meld with a touch of spice. Flavor follows the aroma but begins with raisin-like sweetness, while mild acidity builds. Hops blend in the layers of light tart fruit and oak sweetness giving way to a lasting medium-bodied finish.

ABV: 8.4%

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OSU’s Inaugural Craft Beer Forum a Monumental Success

For Immediate Release

(Tulsa, OK., April 9, 2018) – The inaugural Craft Beer Forum of Oklahoma was hosted by Oklahoma State University’s School of Hospitality & Tourism Management in the College of Human Sciences Saturday, April 7, 2018. More than 250 attended the educational portion of the seminar, while 400 guests attended the Pint-n-Bite Grand Tasting as the culmination of the forum.

The Craft Beer Forum is a student-led, experential learning opportunity inspired by The School of Hospitality and Tourism Management’s long-standing Wine Forum. The event kicked off with a standing room only Keynote Address featuring panelists Luc Van Mechelen of Manneken Brussel Imports, Dr. Chris White of White Labs Inc., Elliot Nelson of the McNellie’s Group, and Honorary Chair – Eric Marshall. The discussion encompassed anecdotal analysis of the beer industry and its growth in American stretching back forty years and concluded with a toast of Chimay Cinq au Cents led by the face of Chimay in America – Luc “Bobo” Van Mechelen.

Attendees then broke for one of three luncheons including the Wine vs. Beer pairing luncheon where 150 guests were treated to a 3-course meal prepared by the chefs and students of The School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. Each course featured an expertly paired wine and beer as guests voted a winner at the end of each course.

The afternoon featured concurrent seminars designed to appeal to Beginner, Imtermediate and Advanced craft beer consumers. For example, Dr. Tyrrel, OSU Regents Professor & Head of Department for Microbology and Molecular Genetics, led an advanced panel discussion focused on Spontaneous Fermentation. Greg Powell of Prairie Artisan Ales co-hosted a seminar on the basics of Tasting Beer alongside Aaron Post of the Valkyrie Tulsa.

“The Craft Beer Forum discussion began in 2014 when then OSU Clinical Professor, Philippe Garmy floated the idea of a companion event for the successful Wine Forum. Four years later the idea not only became a reality, but a momumental success as the Craft Beer Forum attracted world-class talent to present an all encompassing cirriculum to attendees,” explained Marshall Brewing Director of Sales and Craft Beer Forum Educational Chair, Wes Alexander. “The real story here, however, is that this student-led event promises to develop tomorrow’s leaders in the beverage industry.”

Those attending the Pint-n-Bite Grand Tasting were treated to culinary delights from local chefs such as Ben Alexander of The Tavern, Tulsa, OK and beer from a wide range of regional breweries including Boulevard Brewing Company of Kansas City, MO. The Craft Beer Forum is a biennial event with the next occurence planned for 2020.

To learn more about OSU’s School of Hospitality and Tourism Management please visit: https://humansciences.okstate.edu/htm/index.html




Wes Alexander

Marshall Brewing Co.

Ph.: 918-740-1434

email: wes@marshallbrewing.com

20 Questions w/ Tap Room Manager, Kyle Johnson

We’re adding a new segment to our newsletter, to help you get to know the people responsible for getting fresh Marshall beer to you! Next up to play 20 Questions is Tap Room Manager, Kyle Johnson
1.    Where were you born? Blackwell, OK
2.    First craft beer? Shiner Bock opened the door, but Sam Smith’s Nut Brown Ale was the one that pushed me through.
3.    Favorite MBC beer? Currently This Land Lager, but I’ll be singing a different tune when Arrowhead Pale Ale gets released in May.
4.    Whisky or Wine? Gin.
5.    Favorite leisure time activity? Leisure time? I’m not sure what that means…
6.     You are first to the brewery and can choose the music for the day. What’s playing? Gary Clark Jr
7.    Top 5 albums? Right now, and in no particular order, because it would take me hours to decide…
OutKast – Big Boi and Dre Present, Outkast
Foo Fighters – One by One
The Black Keys – Thickfreakness
Portugal the Man – Woodstock
Gary Clark Jr – Black & Blue
8.    Last purchase on iTunes? Haven’t used iTunes in years!
9.    Where have you been overseas? If so, where? if not where do you want to go? I have never traveled overseas, but Germany is first on my list. Spain, Australia, Italy are all up there as well. My wife was able to travel quite a bit when she was younger, so beyond that I’ll let her be my tour guide!
10. What’s at the top of your bucket list? On top of the travel mentioned above, there are some sporting events that I’d really like to see in person. NCAA Basketball Final Four, National Championship in Football, NBA Finals (preferably the one where the Thunder win it…)
11. What’s the best advice you have ever been given? “If you’re going to make mistakes, make them at full speed”. I always used that to remind myself that nobody is perfect, and things won’t always go your way. But a mistake with maximum effort is better than one because you’re standing still.
12. How often do you shave…your face? Almost daily, I’m the resident baby face at the brewery. Just trying to break the stereotype that everyone at a brewery has to have facial hair.
13. Dogs or cats? (Keep in mind any dog under 50 lbs is a cat) Dogs, no question!
14. If you could ask your pet 3 questions, what would they be? I ask my dog questions all the time, but she never answers me.
15. Favorite breakfast item? Eggs Benedict
16. What do you like on pizza? I am an equal opportunity pizza enthusiast. Just no olives, please.
17. Do you call or text your mom? Girlfriend? On the average day, I’m a texter.
18. Favorite Movie Quote? I can quote The Big Lebowski all day!
19. What celebrity/celebrities have you been told you look like? Mathew Broderick and Adam Sandler.
20. What is your beauty secret? Eat right, except when you don’t feel like it, and drink plenty of beer.

Still Time to get Tickets for the Inaugural Craft Beer Forum

Education: Growing Craft Beer

I’ve been selling craft beer for Marshall Brewing for a decade. When we started in 2008, there were around 1,500 small, independent, traditional brewers in the US. The Brewers Association recently reported that there are now more than 6,300 American craft brewers. While the growth in the number of brewers is exciting, it is really just the infrastructure for a shift in consumer purchasing habits that trend more towards independent, locally brewed craft beer. Today, those 6,300 craft brewers share a 12.7% of the market share of beer sold in the US. If we have breweries, literally in almost every major city in America, what are the constraints to growth? In my mind, the answer is outreach and education. Most of today’s craft brewers are very small small businesses with the majority having started business operations within the last five years. Traditional advertising and marketing budgets are tiny or non-existent for most of these small businesses. Instead craft beer has traditionally relied on a grass roots movement for growth. In truth, this movement is powered by passionate craft beer drinkers who have taken the time to educate themselves about all things related to beer and brewing. It’s time for the movement to be led on a larger scale by our industry.

The Craft Beer Forum of Oklahoma is an opportunity being led by Oklahoma State University to showcase our industry to a diverse group ranging from college students to industry professionals. The inaugural event will be held Saturday, April 7th at OSU in Stillwater, OK. This student-led forum’s focus is to educate students and the public about the quality, flavor and diversity of craft beer; acknowledge and celebrate the independent and innovative culture of Oklahoma-connected craft brewers; promote the responsible enjoyment of beer; and increase the recognition of the Oklahoma State University School of Hospitality and Tourism Management as a leader in hospitality education.

Why is education so important? Almost everyone who enjoys craft beer has an anecdote about a friend who enthusiastically personally introduced them to a wheat or amber ale and guided them on a journey of beer styles. As an industry, it’s time to take up the task of educating consumers alongside those beer ambassadors. Craft beer has all of the momentum and media attention for the entire beer segment. There has never been a more perfect or critical time to capitalize on that momentum.

The Craft Beer Forum of Oklahoma offers a wide range of seminars geared to provide practical knowledge and experience at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Attendees may choose a seminar during two concurrent session from 2:00 – 3:15 PM and 3:45 – 5:00 PM.

Seminars offered:

2:00 – 3:15 PM

Beginner: Tasting Beer. Intermediate: When Beer Goes Wrong. Intermediate: Cooking with Craft Beer. Advanced: Spontaneous Fermentation

3:45 – 5:00 PM

Beginner: Craft Beer Mixology. Intermediate: Craft Beer History & International Beer Styles. Intermediate: Beer & Food Pairing. Advanced: Hop Talk.

As the Educational Chair for CBF, I am extremely proud of the quality of our panelists and content being offered. Below is a more in-depth view of two of our seminars:

Craft Beer History & International Beer Styles (Intermediate)

Moderator Ken Brown, Republic National Distributing Co., will present a timeline of the rise of craft beer in America beginning in California in the 1970s. Panelists Luc “Bobo” Van Mechelen, Elliot Nelson and Eric Marshall will discuss the historical development and cultural importance of European beer styles and their influence on American craft beer.


Elliot Nelson :
McNellie’s Group owner Elliot Nelson had originally planned on going to law school, but after interning with a law firm during a summer break from college, he found that he really didn’t like law, and instead turned his attention to a dream he had long held… to own an Irish pub. That dream became the first restaurant in his portfolio, James E. McNellie’s Public House. The first couple of years were tough for the startup restaurant, but once McNellie’s was on solid footing, Nelson began adding more businesses to his portfolio at a frenetic pace. Today, McNellie’s Group owns and operates a total of ten establishments in Oklahoma and is expanding into Arkansas.

Elliot over the years is single-handedly responsible for educating hundreds of eager to learn beer drinkers through his Beer University offered in the early years of McNellie’s. Further Elliot, has developed a beverage education program for his employees that can be modeled as a best industry practice .
Eric Marshall, Founder/Brewmaster – Marshall Brewing Co.:
Eric Marshall a fourth generation Tulsan with a degree in International Business and German language from the University of Tulsa. Eric left Tulsa in 2004 to study the art of brewing in Munich, Germany where he was awarded the prestigious International Diploma in Brewing Technology from the World Brewing Academy. He apprenticed in multiple breweries throughout Germany and served as a brewer at the Victory Brewing Company in Downingtown, Pennsylvania.

In 2007, Eric returned to Tulsa to begin laying the groundwork for his own brewery. Marshall Brewing Company, Tulsa’s first production craft microbrewery, which began operations in spring 2008. Marshall Brewing Company focuses on brewing full strength, hand crafted, top quality ales and lagers. Its business is based upon creating fine products with basic inputs – old-world knowledge and experience, high quality raw materials and good old-fashioned hard work. Marshall Brewing Company’s goal is to bring the art, quality, and enjoyment of craft brewing to Oklahoma.
Luc “Bobo” Van Mechlen:

President of the US Sector of Manneken-Brussels Imports, Van Mechelen is the face and brand ambassador for Chimay beers. A Belgium native, the energetic Van Mechelen has spearheaded the growth of the Belgian Trappist beer brand in the US. He has also been knighted by Le Chevalerie du Fourquet des Brasseurs for his work in beer.

Spontaneous Fermentation

Overview: Perhaps the oldest style of beers still being brewed today are Lambic beers in Belgium. Rather than the widely accepted process of pitching specific yeast strain into cooled wort for fermentation, spontaneous fermentation relies on Mother Nature to deliver microbes as the cooked wort cools in an open air environment and shallow vessel known as a coolship. In this seminar we will take a look at the process, science and characteristics of Spontaneously Fermented beer.

Attendees will be presented an advanced scientific prospective of Spontaneous Fermentation. A moderated discussion will be led by Tyrrell Conway, Regents Professor and Head of Department – Microbiology and Molecular Gentics, Oklahoma State University. The esteemed panel includes Chase Healey Founder/Brewmater for American Solera, Shawn Savuto QA/QC Technician and Packaging Specialist with Coop Ale Works, Dr. Chris White, President, CEO and Founder – White Labs.
Note: Attendees would be best served to have broad knowledge of the fermentation science.


Chase Healey – Founder/Brewmaster American Solera.

Chase Healey has been an institution in Oklahoma craft beer since joining COOP Ale Works as lead brewer in 2009. Chase later went on to found Prairie Artisan Ales with an emphasis on experimental styles, barrel-aging and unique ingredients. Chase currently lives in Tulsa and continues his inclination towards innovation at American Solera.

Shawn Savuto – QA/QC Technician & Packaging Specialist – COOP Ale Works.

Born and raised in Oklahoma City, Shawn is a graduate from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Microbiology. As a passionate fan of craft beer he began home brewing during his time at OU and was hooked on the art and science of fermentation. Outside of work Shawn enjoys spending time outdoors hiking and climbing, as well as reading, cooking, listening to his vinyl collection and nerding in general. Visit COOP Ale Works.

Chris White, Ph.D – President, Founder, and CEO White Labs

Chris White lives in San Diego, Calif., USA, where he serves as President and CEO of White Labs Inc. Chris founded White Labs in 1995 to manufacture yeast cultures and provide fermentation services to the brewing, wine, and distilling industries. Chris has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of California, San Diego and a B.S. in Biochemistry from the University of California, Davis. While at Davis, Chris interned at Genentech Inc., the world’s first biotechnology company. White is coauthor of Yeast: The Practical Guide To Beer Fermentation, co-designer of BrewMaster: The Craft Beer Game, and has published numerous articles on yeast, beer, and fermentation.

Chris White was a lecturer in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department at U.C. San Diego from 1999-2007, and is currently teaching in the Brewing Certificate Program at U.C. San Diego Extension. Chris was awarded the 2013 Recognition Award from the American Homebrewers Association.
If you are interested in learning more about craft beer, I urge to you to attend the value-priced Craft Beer Forum of Oklahoma. Tickets prices begin at $50.
Tickets are available now for the Craft Beer Forum:

Wes Alexander
Director of Marketing & Sales
Marshall Brewing Co.

The oldest member of the team or “The Godfather” as he is commonly referred to around the brewery, Wes is a self-proclaimed refugee from selling things less important than beer. As a native Tulsan, Wes’ connection to the Marshall family runs back decades. His love of craft beer, however, is more recent. Introduced to craft beer by the Marshall family in the early 2000’s, Wes has since developed a passion for spreading craft beer and the culture it brings. Need advice on pairing food and beer? Wes is our resident expert and hobby chef.