The Case for Lager

Lager represents one of the most significant technological innovations in the modern era of brewing. Germanic tribes developed an ingenious system of storing grain for leaner times of spring and summer by brewing beer with leftover grain from a bountiful harvest. That beer would be then be stored cold in the ice caves high in the Bavarian Alps and allowed to “lagern” through the winter months. This innovation differed from the process of brewing “ales” dating back to early civilization whereby beer was fermented and stored at ambient temperature. The obvious advantage was the ability to store beer to provide sustenance ahead of new crops being harvested. Further advantages were discovered as less problems were  present with fermentation as colder temperatures seemed to curb spoilage or infection in beer that was common when brewing in warmer months. Finally, the flavor was found to be improved as yeast and other particulate matter settled to the bottom of barrels during the long “lagern” period. The result was a beer clearer than the common ales of Europe, with appreciably cleaner taste and higher concentrations of carbon dioxide.

The early German beers fermented and stored using the “lagern” method, while clearer than most ales of the day, were still dark and probably most closely related to what we call in modern day “Dunkel Lager.” As Germans evolved the process of “lagering” additional innovations with malted barley allowed for malt color to lighten to “pale” in nature, giving way to a multitude of pale lagers. The 1800’s and 1900’s brought further innovations such a Louis Pastuer’s discovery of yeast as the magical key to fermentation allowing specific yeast strains to be isolated and shipped throughout the world. This coincidied with a period of intense immagration to the United States from Europe, and brewers brought both recipes and ingredients with them a profilerated German-style beers across America. Refrigeration allowed brewers to consistently lager beer regardless of environment and the now famous city of Pilsen become known for a blonde lager known as “Pilsner.” Today this top style of beer brewed throughout the world.

Eric Marshall a fourth generation Tulsan with a degree in International Business and German language from the University of Tulsa. Eric left Tulsa in 2004 to study the art of brewing in Munich, Germany where he was awarded the prestigious International Diploma in Brewing Technology from the World Brewing Academy. He apprenticed in multiple breweries throughout Germany and served as a brewer at the Victory Brewing Company in Downingtown, Pennsylvania.


In 2007, Eric returned to Tulsa to begin laying the groundwork for his own brewery. Marshall Brewing Company, Tulsa’s first production craft microbrewery, which began operations in spring 2008. In September of 2008, Eric introduced the first two lagers to the Marshall Brewing lineup. Old Pavilion Pilsner was welcomed as a year round offering while Oktoberfest Lager became the first seasonal offering for Marshall. Old Pavilion Pilsner was inspired by the pilsners of Northern Germany known for their cloying hop finish. Oktoberfest Lager was a nod to the smooth drinking fest-bier with origins dating back to the original Oktoberfest celebrations in Munich, Germany. Oktoberfest Lager was an instant hit, becoming one of our best selling beers in spite of the short selling season, while Old Pavilion Pilsner developed into a cult classic and the most often draught shift beer among our brewers.

For 2018, as Marshall Brewing Company celebrates a decade of business, we are focusing on lagers. For the last several years we have offered a traditional Munich-style Dunkel Lager available on draft at a limited number of locations only in Oklahoma. Hundreds of of fans consistency pressed us at beer festivals, our Taproom, and public encounters to offer the Dunkel Lager in package for purchase at retail. That time has come. As a late Valentine’s Day gift to beer drinkers across our distribution area, Dunkel Lager will be offered in six packs. Further, Dunkel Lager will be availbale year round as the first new year round offering since This Machine IPA in 2012.

The focus on lagers continues as Old Pavilion Pilsner gets a package makeover and a new name, Volks Pils. “Volks” (translating to “the people’s”) represents the idea that our pilsner is an approachable lager with wide appeal for all people. Look for the new Volks Pils packaging in liquor stores this spring.

Finally, This Land Lager will move into distribution as a year round offering on draft starting now, and in yet to be announced packaging later in 2018. This Land Lager, a remarkable Helles, is a celebration of Brewmaster Eric Marshall’s time in Germany and the passion he developed for perfectly executed lagers while studying and apprenticing. The resulting Helles lager connects the European tradition to Oklahoma history, celebrating Woody Guthrie and his lasting contribution to Americana and championing of the working class. This Land Lager offers all who drink beer an option of simplicity and precision.

ABV: 4.8%


In closing, we are excited to celebrate a decade of brewing and a significant part of the heritage of Marshall Brewing Company and our deep reverence to traditional German lagerbier. These styles lend themselves to fuss free enjoyment. While we remain passionate about American craft beer styles, and will no doubt to continue to innovate in that theather, we are proud to educate consumers, further craft beer culture, and produce smiling faces with lager.


Wes Alexander

Director of Sales & Marketing

Marshall Brewing Co.


Twenty Questions with Marshall Brewing: Valentines Edition!

Valentine’s Day drink of choice?

Taylor: Liquor is Quicker
Tim: Low filled bottles of whatever beer we bottled this week!
Alex: Wine, but cheap wine like Wild Irish Rose. No need to show off here…
Eric: Definitely Beer, nothing does Valentines quite like Big Jamoke!
Wes: Gatorade, it’s going to be a long night baby!
Kyle: Beer is always the right answer!

Best Valentine’s Day activity?

Ben: Night at home, because it’s cheaper!
Taylor: Couple’s dance at Night Trips
Alex: Grab a couple Taco Bell 12 packs, turn on Cops, and go from there!
Kyle: Cooking a nice dinner at the house and letting everyone else battle for reservations and parking spots at the good restaurants!
Lucas: A night at home, because I always call too late for dinner reservations.
Tim: Two chicken Tortas from Tacos Fiesta Americana food truck!

Top 3 Songs that have to appear on your Valentine’s Day playlist?

Eric: “All my life” by K-Ci & JoJo, “Love is a wonderful thing” by Michael Bolton, and a Boys to Men medley on repeat
Lucas: “Pony” by Ginuwine, “My Neck, My Back” by Khia, and “Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gaye
Ben: “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails, “Bad Touch” by Bloodhound Gang, and whatever program is airing on NPR
Wes: 2 Live Crew album. 60 percent of the time, it works every time!

What was your worst Valentine’s Day failure?

Ben: Getting Spongebob Squarepants Valentines instead of Star Wars Valentines
Alex: Forgetting to order her gift from in time…
Lucas: Believing “Honey, you don’t have to get me anything for Valentine’s Day” meant that I didn’t have to get her anything.
Wes: One time I thought I was less than an awesome Valentine. Turns out I was wrong, never second guessed myself again!

Best gift to give on Valentines Day?

Alex: 2 Front Row tickets to Monster Jam 2K18, followed by butterscotch pie at Village Inn
Tim: A dozen puppies
Eric: Chocolate. My wife told me early on if I got her flowers she wouldn’t be happy with me because they were too expensive. That’s when I knew she was the one!
Wes: I like to give chocolate-covered diamond flowers.
Kyle: Crowlers of fresh, draft beer from the Tap Room at Marshall Brewing, of course!
Ben: Chocolate AND Flowers, because it’s still cheaper than Jewelry.

Twenty Questions with Lead Brewer Taylor Owens

We’re adding a new segment to our newsletter, to help you get to know the people responsible for getting fresh Marshall beer to you! First up to play 20 Questions is our Head Brewer, Taylor Owens.
1.    Where were you born?
Tulsa, OK 
2.    First craft beer?
Boulevard Wheat 
3.    Favorite MBC beer?
Volks Pils 
4.    Whisky or Wine?
5.    Favorite leisure time activity?
6.     You are first to the brewery and can choose the music for the day. What’s playing?
Greensky Bluegrass 
7.    Top 5 albums?
Any Beatles album 
8.    Last purchase on iTunes?
Don’t use iTunes 
9.    Where have you been overseas? If so, where? if not where do you want to go?
10.  What’s at the top of your bucket list?
Stay a night in all 50 states 
11. What’s the best advice you have ever been given?
If you aint slidin, you aint ridin” 
12. How often do you shave…your face?
Razor free life 
13. Dogs or cats? (Keep in mind any dog under 50 lbs is a cat)
14. If you could ask your pet 3 questions, what would they be?
How’s the food? Do you really hate cats? What are you going to do today? 
15. Favorite breakfast item?
16. What do you like on pizza?
17. Do you call or text your mom? Girlfriend?
18. Favorite Movie Quote?
If you will it, it is no dream”  
19. What celebrity/celebrities have you been told you look like?
Levon Helm, Fat Ryan Gosling, or Don Cheadle 
20. What is your beauty secret?
Morocco Oil 

Craft Beer Forum of Oklahoma…

More than just a beer festival.

As winter weather loses its grip on Oklahoma later this spring, beer styles lighten, Green Country turns green once again and with the rebirth of spring comes a new way to learn and celebrate beer!

The Oklahoma Craft Beer Forum of Oklahoma hosted by the Oklahoma State University School of Hospitality and Tourism Management will debut April 7, 2018. Modeled after the long-running industry best Wine Forum of Oklahoma, the CBFO seeks to be the preeminent educational symposium dedicated to beer.

Who should attend?

Craft Beer Fans



Industry Professionals

Home Brewers

Students Interested in the Beverage Industry

Curious Beer Drinkers


have been carefully planned to appeal to a wide range of attendees.

Beginner: No idea why beer is different colors? Confused by terms ale and lager? Our beginner seminars are meant to bring you up-to-speed on the basics of beer. While geared towards the beginner, even the most seasoned beer enthusiast will find information in the comprehensive overview. Bonus: Craft Beer Mixology

Intermediate: History buffs and Foodies will find these seminars intriguing. Craft Beer History & International Beer Styles will feature a a diverse panel of industry experts while Cooking with Craft Beer focuses on beer as an ingredient in food preparation. Bonus: When Beer Goes Wrong, a focused seminar on off-flavor tasting.

Advanced: Digging a bit deeper, our Advanced seminars are focused on specifics of the brewing process. Spontaneous Fermentation features a panel discussion delving into the magic that makes beer possible. Led by Chris White, PH.D, White Labs Inc., attendees will gain scientific insights.

Pint-n-Bite Tasting

The day culminates with the Pint-n-Bite Grand Tasting. A broad community of brewers will be featured alongside local chef prepared bites. This experience offers more than Happy Hour hors de oeuvres, as each bite is paired with a beer offering attendees new culinary ideas while delighting the senses.

The Oklahoma State University School of Hospitality and Tourism Management is a leader in hospitality education. Further the students and staff have worked hard to build a world class symposium offering value alongside comprehensive content for anybody with a passion for beer. Oklahoma is developing diverse beer culture that has the attention of nation. The Craft Beer Forum of Oklahoma advances that culture and helps spread the passion of craft beer through knowledge. Join us as a part of growing culture!

Tickets are available HERE and offer value starting at $50 per person for the Pint-n-Bite Grand Tasting, $75 per person for the Stein & Sack Lunch, Sessions & Tasting. A host of other options upgrade your experience to include luncheons and demonstrations. More info below.

Pint-n-Bite Grand Tasting


Experience the Pint-n-Bite Grand Tasting! Inaugural event, innovative name! The student executive team chose a casual, creative name for this fun tasting! Please join us to interact with a broad community of 30-35 brewers from Oklahoma and beyond. Chefs will make tasty treats that complement the craft beers. Prepare your palette as you will travel booth to booth sampling an array of flavors. You won’t want to miss it!

Stein-n-Snack Lunch, Sessions & Tasting


This item includes a delicious barbecue box lunch, choice of enrollment in each forum session and entrance to the Pint-n-Bite Tasting.

Tankard at Taylor’s Lunch, Sessions & Tasting


Relax and refresh in Taylor’s with a meal prepared especially for you by Certified Master Chef Jonathan Moosmiller, Executive Chef at Tulsa’s Southern Hills Country Club and our staff of students. Gather with your friends before you head to your selection of sessions and enjoy the atmosphere and delicious dishes. This item also includes choice of enrollment in each forum session and entrance to the Pint-n-Bite Tasting.

The Golden Goblet Demonstration Luncheon, Sessions & Tasting


It’s a Cicerone vs. Sommelier showdown! Delight your palette as Certified Master Chef Jonathan Moosmiller, Executive Chef at Tulsa’s Southern Hills Country Club challenges a beer expert and a wine expert in the ultimate pairing experience. Guests will enjoy voting on the food and beverage pairings, culminating with a People’s Choice Champion. This luncheon is a premium interactive session in the Hal Smith Demonstration Classroom. This item also includes choice of enrollment in each forum session and entrance to the Pint-n-Bite Tasting.
I look forward to seeing you all at the Craft Beer Forum of Oklahoma!

Wes Alexander
Marshall Brewing Company

Bio: The oldest member of the team or “The Godfather” as he is commonly referred to around the brewery, Wes is a self-proclaimed refugee from selling things less important than beer. As a native Tulsan, Wes’ connection to the Marshall family runs back decades. His love of craft beer, however, is more recent. Introduced to craft beer by the Marshall family in the early 2000’s, Wes has since developed a passion for spreading craft beer and the culture it brings. Need advice on pairing food and beer? Wes is our resident expert and hobby chef.

2018 – A Year of Milestones and Evolution

As the gray of winter blanketed Oklahoma, and stout sipping winter weather kept us subdued inside for the New Year, the perfect opportunity to ponder a new year was created. 2017 was an interesting year for the craft beer scene in Oklahoma. Many national brands have taken notice of the market in Oklahoma and craft brewers, the likes of which many thought would never be seen in our fair state, came in droves. Local brewers too, opened across the state with shiny new tap rooms, bringing a renewed enthusiasm and passion to the OK beer scene. Our own tap room, continues to grow to the point of nearly bursting at the seams. Truly one of the greatest pleasures a brewery is afforded, are the smiles on folks faces as they sip directly from the source. Regulars turn into friends, and the culture of brewing is advanced as new faces make their way to the tap room for perhaps their first taste of craft beer.

Perhaps one of the most exciting ventures for Marshall Brewing in 2017 was the imagining and and perfecting of a new beer with deep respect to German precision and tradition. This Land Lager made its debut in the tap room and at a limited number of locations across the state on draft over the summer. This Land Lager is a celebration of Brewmaster Eric Marshall’s time in Germany over the course of time and the passion he developed for perfectly executed lagers while studying and apprenticing. The resulting Helles lager connects the European tradition to Oklahoma history celebrating Woody Guthrie and his lasting contribution to Americana and championing of the working class. This Land Lager offers all who drink beer an option of simplicity and precision. 2018 will see This Land Lager become widely available across

Marshall Turns Ten!

In May of 2008, Marshall Brewing first offered our beers for sale to the public at a festival celebrating American Craft Beer Week in front of McNellie’s in downtown Tulsa. Mathematicians will note, that in May of 2018 we will eclipse a decade of brewing and selling beer. The milestone, while making us feel a bit old, would not have been possible without you, the craft beer lovers. While ten years is indeed a long time, it doesn’t take much to remember early conversations where concerned friends and family would inquire “You’re doing what?” Indeed, much of the ten years that Marshall Brewing has been in business have been uphill, but make no mistake the journey has been entirely worth it! Look for news of our official celebration and a barrel aged commemorative beer to be announced later.

Package Refresh

As our tenth anniversary approaches, we are excited to announce a series of changes planned for Marshall Brewing. Firstly, we will refresh our packaging for our core brands in early 2018. The packaging refresh has been carefully designed to be respectful of our original hand illustrations created by local artists, while brightening the package. Look for new packaging to be on shelves in Arkansas and Oklahoma by late January.

Dunkel Lager in Six Packs…Finally!

This spring, our cult classic traditional Munich-style Dunkel Lager will make its debut in package. Dunkel, which has only been available on draft in select locations the last few years, has earned a spot in our package line-up. We are excited as Dunkel Lager increases our offerings of clean, classic and traditional German-style beers. Along with Old Pavilion Pilsner, This Land Lager, and Oktoberfest Lager, we seek to offer the freshest quality German-style beers in Oklahoma!
New Tap Room and Event Space

In addition to the package refresh, out tap room will receive a major upgrade in 2018. We have purchased an adjacent property just west of the brewery on 6th Street. Our new tap room should open over the summer and feature 4,000 square feet of elbow room, an outdoor biergarten, and rentable meeting space. Look for designs to start creeping out through social media as we get closer. We love welcoming our fans to the brewery and look forward to building a comfortable environment to share our passion…craft beer!

SQ 792

Finally, October 1st, 2018 will bring about the major changes to the alcohol distribution and retail system approved  approved by Oklahoma voters in November of 2016 through SQ 792. We still have much to do to prepare for these changes, but are excited about a system where the freshness of our beer can be more easily guaranteed.

As we prepare for a year filled with milestones and change, we would like to ask for your patience. Without doubt we will face unforeseen challenges. But with your patience and our diligence, we look forward to perhaps the finest year the beer industry has ever seen in Oklahoma. Cheers to 2018!

Wes Alexander
Marshall Brewing Company