Bound for Glory

The base for Bound for Glory is This Machine IPA, our Belgian-style IPA featuring the complexity created during fermentation using a Belgian yeast strain, and the light citrus aroma and flavor of the Nelson Sauvin hop. This Machine IPA is added to whiskey barrels previously containing Black Dolphin Stout and aged for a period of six – eight months. The result is a complex ale with the nose of sweet whiskey, caramel, and vanilla following a flavor on the palate of soft oak and hop in harmony over a smooth malty base.


Bound for Glory was first released in 2014, topped with blue wax, while 2015’s release of Bound for Glory is topped with dark green wax.


Tribute to Woody Guthrie


Just as This Machine IPA pays homage to Oklahoma son Woody Guthrie, Bound for Glory echoes the sentiment as “Bound for Glory” is the title of Woody’s partly fictionalized autobiography. Marshall Brewing is proud to be able to share the story of Woody Guthrie to new generations of Oklahomans and enjoys a partnership with the Woody Guthrie Center, 102 E. Brady Street,

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