Tap Room FAQ

Can we buy kegs direct from Marshall Brewing?
Yes. We can sell kegs direct to the public for personal consumption. Above you will find our latest price list. A $30 refundable keg deposit is due at pick-up. Pump taps are available to rent.  Feel free to email info@marshallbrewing.com to confirm availability.

Can we buy packaged beer direct from Marshall Brewing?

Yes. Though we are open limited hours, you may purchase single-serve 22 ounce bottles, 4 packs and six packs direct from Marshall Brewing. For pricing information please click HERE.


Can you fill growlers that are not Marshall Brewing?

Current Oklahoma law prohibits the filling of growlers that are not purchased through Marshall with the appropriate warning information imprinted on the package. While this is disappointing to some, it is the law.

How do I clean my growler? 

We recommend you rinse your growler immediately after emptying

with hot water and leave to dry where air may flow inside of the container, preferably upside down.  Once you return your growler for refilling at the Tap Room we will furnish you with a fresh, sanitized growler.


Can I reserve the brewery for private events?  

Yes. Please email info@marshallbrewing.com for details. Please bear in mind that we can only legally be open between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.


Is the Tap Room 21 and over?

Since we are selling strong beer in the Tap Room, we currently can only allow persons 21 years of age or older on premises. Prior to August 26, 2016, we sold only low-point beer in the Tap Room and could allow all ages to enter.